Hello Nostalgia, my old friend.

Ever since I've learned how to write, I've been keeping journals.

Those journals became my friends, especially during the times I felt alone, when I was hospitalized for a really long time, and when it seemed like there wasn't any positivity left.

Although I started with this very early in life, it really took off when I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 12. The doctor told me I should document my life because I may forget all of it due to the all meds I was taking at that time.

I wrote down every special moment, good or bad, collected pictures, tickets, and receipts. I have pages filled with tears and pages full of happiness, all meaningful in their own way.

In total, I've already completed 49 journals and, happily, still got lots of stories to tell!

Een foto van dagboeken journals diaries met fotos en herinneringen